#SOTU Trump

Just finished watching the 2018 #SOTU.

Not a Trump fan. Not a Trump hater.

Old enough to know that things aren’t that simple.

Some random thoughts:

  • The country is thriving, economically. Trump haters say that it is because of Obama’s policies–that Trump is just continuing what Obama started. If so, why aren’t they Trump fans?
  • I’m puzzled by the fear of immigrants. Immigrants are 1/4 to 1/2 as likely as native-born Americans to commit a crime. Does he really believe immigrants are more dangerous than Americans, or is he just tapping into the fear of many Americans that I listen to on this topic?
  • We need more military spending like we need a hole in the head. Depending on how you count it, we are about 4% of the world’s population spending over 40% of the world’s military budget. That’s disproportional by 10 times.
  • This is not the defensive, on-his-heels, dysfunctional person that much of the mainstream press portrays. He is confident and very much in charge–working the room (both sides) at will. Like Tom Brady, not a good idea to underestimate him, whether you like him or not.
  • He prefers the personal story of individuals to ideology and policy. A huge part of his speech was highlighting individual acts of courage. He’s not a “true believer” conservative or liberal–not even sure he understands what those sides want from him. He wants to create a system where individuals can rise. He seems to believe that almost anyone can.

If you are a Trump fan, embrace the good and question those things he loses sight of. In my opinion, he could grow in his understanding of the benefits of immigration, global free trade, and other things. And more military spending? No other country spends even a fraction of what we do–how much is enough?

If you are a Trump hater, give him credit for some of the things that are working, and admit that the economy is thriving and that we aren’t embroiled in any new wars. You predicted everything would collapse. Well….things are going the other way.

Me? I’ll continue to wait and see. Disagree when I disagree. Agree when I agree.

One hour and 20 minutes. One of the longest SOTU speeches ever.


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