Why Wouldn’t You Follow Jesus?


If you put in as much time examining the evidence, opening yourself to the Holy Spirit, and hanging out with kind and joyful Christians as you do playing fantasy football, binge watching Netflix, or focusing on politics, then, of course you would eventually become a Christian, too…

A sermon based on John 3:1-13 Jesus and Nicodemus

Let’s Get Love Right, Folks…

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If you hate people you consider haters you are a hater. If you are bigoted against people you consider bigots, you are a bigot. Let’s get the meaning of love and hate straight, shall we? What is the view of Jesus on this?

The Joy Of Christ: Now And Not Yet

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We are in the final act of God restoring his creation…It’s about Jesus and his followers

LIFEhouse God Time Daily Devotions for December 12-16

Hope Makes Sense…

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Faith is trust based on evidence…
Hope is confidence in the evidence
God gets down to basics…

Why My King is Jesus…

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My personal witness to our King Jesus.

God Is Calling Us To Grow Up

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Endure Hardship Well
Learning to stay relational and continue to act like the person God made me to be during times of struggle and suffering. We examine the five levels of maturity, why most adults are stuck at infant or child maturity, and what God can do about it.

Last in a series using biblical principles and brain science based on “Rare Leadership,” by Marcus Warner and Jim Wilder.