The Ship of Zion

Today marked our 149th church anniversary a the Wainwright Baptist Church.  The sermon was given by the sister of Pastor Walter A. Jackson, III; Rev. Cynthia J. Swann.

Who Are You To Judge?

The woman caught in adultery. This event in the life of Jesus is one of the favorites for anyone who wants to make sure no one who is a Christian is “judgmental.” You can’t speak against someone else’s behavior as wrong because we all know, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Is this what Jesus really means?
Far from it…

Jesus is still the truth, you know…

The truths of Jesus are admired by almost everyone…To follow those truths and reap the benefits, however, takes trust in him in the power of the Holy Spirit. Human power can’t compete with spiritual power nor be made complete by spiritual power.