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Human consciousness is a mystery.

It seems to be something different from intelligence.

Making machines more and more intelligent (AI) does not seem to generate consciousness.

Cats and dogs seem to have a measure of consciousness–the Watson computer on the other hand, probably not.

So what is this self-awareness we call consciousness?

Have a look at this short video above. The line between deep wisdom and craziness is pretty fuzzy…

So does the brain and its activity CREATE consciousness, or does the body/brain just “host” consciousness?  A throne for the soul/spirit?

And what is the Spirit (Ruach, Pneuma, Spiritus, Geist), and is it any different from the Soul (Nephesh, Psyche, Anima/Animus, Seele)?

And if you believe in an afterlife, what part of you leaves the dead body?

What do you think?

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