There has been a lot of controversy about the Supreme Court’s recent decision in favor of Hobby Lobby.

Some people think that it is unfair for employers to deny coverage of birth control, that it shouldn’t be any of their business! But if birth control is none of an employer’s business, then why does the government mandate make it an employer’s business to cover it?

“Keep your employer out of your health care decisions.”

“Keep your ovaries out of my wallet.”

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At the core or women’s rights and coercion by the state. Economic freedom and reproductive freedom.

And does the right to free contraception/abortifacients trump the First Amendment?

Should one forfeit one’s First Amendment rights when entering the marketplace? Or the public sector?

And the left is claiming Hobby Lobby is denying birth control to employees. Simply not true.

2 thoughts on “The Hobby Lobby Debate #0614 Julie Borowski”

    1. A single payer system would be better than what we had recently or what we have now. But central planning is never as good at delivering services as a truly free market. We haven’t seen that in health care since before 1964. Coupled with today’s technology and prosperity, a free market could bring us amazing benefits to our health.

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