Incel Involuntary Celibate

The Toronto van-drives-into-pedestrian disaster may have its roots in incel culture. Alek┬áMinassian appears to have used the term “incel” on social media. Whether or not this was a motive for the deaths in Toronto, becoming aware of the incel issue would be beneficial for all of us.

Incel is short for “involuntary celibates.” Men who cannot attract female attention and sexual intimacy.

This online, global subculture tends toward violence and this frustration may have been at the root of the recent disaster when a man drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians, killing and wounding as he went.

Incel involuntary celibacy

Journalist Arshy Mann (@ArshyMann on Twitter) gives us a peek into the incel world. CAUTION, explicit themes: LINK

History has shown us that angry men can do a lot of damage. The unemployment rate for young men in the Islamic world is hard for Westerners to comprehend. Idle hands are the devil’s playground. No doubt it continues to foster instability in the region, and the whole world is always picking up the pieces…

In China and India, past overpopulation issues have led to a chronic favoring of male babies over female babies. There are tens of millions of young men in both countries who have no statistical chance of finding a female life parter. In a way, they are also “incels.” The dark side of “abortion for any reason.”

Even the Bible says “It is not good for the man to be alone (Genesis 2:18).” God provides for a near-perfect balance between male and female births for a reason.

Browsing through the incel “manosphere” uncovers a lot of ugly, hateful attitudes and expression. But contempt for self-described incels is not the answer. As we all are, incels too are human beings. Our “rush to contempt” culture is not solving any social problems, rather it is making most of them worse. Demonizing people rather than exploring the roots of the problems that affect the people will never get us where we want to go. It just gives us a “license to hate.”

And history shows us this: That not addressing growing groups of angry young men leads to an outcome that doesn’t end well…



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