Keep At It is a heartwarming and humorous personal memoir from a man whose authentic approach to life will inspire and uplift you.

During his childhood in Washington, DC, Rev. Walter A. Jackson III was part of a large extended family that held worship at the center of their days. Life in DC was transformative for Jackson, but it wasn’t always easy. However, despite challenges and setbacks—including significant moments of pain—Jackson kept God’s grace in his heart and remained focused on his dream of becoming a pastor.

Keep At It cuts to the heart of this most human of experiences—triumph over adversity. Whether you are currently facing challenges in your life or dealing with the lingering shadows of childhood pain, this eloquent memoir will help you find the strength to rise above it all and keep going.

Being a pastor presents many challenges, whether you are new to the world of ministry or a veteran of many years. Rev. Walter A. Jackson III knows this better than anyone. But, as he learned in his many years of perseverance, it’s often the most difficult chapters of life that offer the most miraculous of endings.

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