“Don’t make it terrible for everyone in order to make things “fair.””

-Julie Borowski

Why should the government regulate giving people rides?

Taxis in America are, in general, pretty gross (and expensive) compared to getting a ride virtually anywhere else in the world.

Most of you never use them for this reason.

Spread the word.

Help awaken a free society.

It always, always, always works better than central bureaucratic planning.

And take a ride with Uber and/or Lyft.

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  • ia penny

    I think prisons could be more efficient if run by inmates, being accountable for their behavior and rewarded for good behavior …sounds good but like in NOAHS time its all about the violence and the ungodly evil that is bring on a flood of govt regulations and rules and terror and do your own thing mentality, to a free society

  • If I drop you in the middle of a bad area of Compton at three in the morning, are you going to gamble on a sketchy ride from an unregulated service like Uber, or are you going to take the safe route and go with a conventional taxi? If you can see why you would do the latter here, you can see why regulation here is useful. Not everything has to be a Libertarian outcry. Sometimes letting the government step in makes sense.

    • Daniel Langdon

      Good luck getting a Taxi in the bad parts of Compton at 3:00 in the morning.

      • Really wasn’t the point of what I was saying. Feel free to substitute a time of day in which you can get a taxi.

      • Please. Maybe a generation ago Compton was nasty–but “slums of LA” is hilarious if you’ve been to Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, or Cleveland. Only in LA do you have nice flowers out in front of ‘slum’ housing.

    • You make a good point, but why wouldn’t I want a cleaner, cheaper, faster ride with a more cheerful driver no matter where I am? Why wouldn’t thousands of rankings be better regulation that bureaucrats who don’t care?

      • Because it’s actually a rather high-risk activity. The reason we tend to forget this is because of the high level of regulation. Truth is, jumping into the car of a stranger and running off for a ride has the potential to go south real fast. People don’t want to have a bad experience in an unfamiliar car and then give them a 1-star review. They want to not have a bad experience in the first place.

        • You’re entitled to your assumptions (taxi will be more familiar and safer) but many of us don’t share them.

          • I could say the same. This appears to go beyond a simple rational discussion, and needs empirical data.