Interested in Awakening a Free Society?

We at Life & Liberty Online Magazine are blessed to have the best contributors in the universe. Click on the picture for more on them:


But we are looking for much more than that. Publisher David Housholder and Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Clark Tinker are looking for a few true partners to move this online magazine to the next level.

We aim to be the catalyst for spiritually-awakened thought and action for the cultivation of a coercion-free society.

Seen Huffington Post? Drudge? We want to operate at that level. And we want you to help us get there.

Jen and Hous invite you to join us on our leadership team. It will take long hours and dedication to the cause of Liberty.

Eventually, we’d all like to make a good living from it to, as benefiting from one’s life work by adding value to society is way legit.

Let us know.

Contact David Housholder at @LibertyHous

Contact Jennifer Clark Tinker @DeaconessJen

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