What Our Nation Needs…

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“We are a low-joy nation. And what happens in low-joy places? Problems are bred. This low-joy has reached the highest levels. Our national leaders have finally succumbed to being almost pure predators.”

What is a predator?

What can be done?

Actually, you might be the best true hope….Listen

We Ignore A Key Theme In The Life And Teaching Of Jesus…What??

Joy is a key theme in the life of Jesus and his teaching. Yet, we rarely speak of this in the Christian community.

According to brain science, a high-joy environment is absolutely necessary for healthy brain growth. Considering a baby grows 2/3 of their brain in the first 90 days, dare I say, from the beginning, we are designed to be filled with joy.

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Friends of God

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In our ongoing friendship with God we tell him what is on our hearts and learn to perceive what he is saying to us.

The same is true with dear friends in the faith. We meet together, listen to what we sense God is saying to us, and we share how we are going to respond. In other words, we live life together.