Deja vu all over again.

Two terms ago, a young African-American was elected president. Many Republicans couldn’t digest it, so the extreme right wing of the party, in full-blown sour grapes mode, cooked up the “Birther” conspiracy.

Supposedly, Barack Obama “cheated” because he wasn’t really born in the USA. His Hawaiian birth certificate was a “forgery.” No amount of evidence could convince the hardened skeptics that he was legally elected.

Any schoolgirl in fourth grade can figure out that he was indeed born in Hawaii. The alternative narratives border on the bizarre.

Some “birthers” give us the impression that Obama was really some “Manchurian candidate” (sent by Kenya?) planted here by some foreign group. Seriously?

With all the maturity of the losing team playing unsupervised “ball” on the kiddie playground, many birthers were simply unable to get to the point of good sportsmanship and accepting that they lost the election.

Fast forward to 2017.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. The hard left cannot seem to accept that they lost the election. In strategy worth of Tom Brady’s super bowl comeback, Donald Trump pulled off a win by focusing on the electoral votes of the disenfranchised of the Rust Belt and the NASCAR crowd; the very crowd no one ever seems to bother polling ahead of time.

“Putinators” are the exact mirror image of the birthers. Same thing–different side. This time it’s the lefties calling “foul.” And it’s just as silly as the birther conspiracy.

Mark my words, the birthers kept it up all 8 years of Obama’s presidency and the Putinators will be dragging this around for all 4 or 8 years of Trump’s term in office. Why? Because it’s logically impossible to prove that Putin DIDN’T swing the election!

How can you prove there ISN’T a Loch Ness Monster? The lifeblood of all conspiracy theorizing is to come up with something that is by definition impossible to prove.

Never mind that Hillary Clinton had the press, the universities and most of Wall Street behind her in the election. Against all of that power, one guy in Russia over-rode all of that support and put Trump in office? Please. We’re smarter than that. We’re giving the little guy in Russia way too much credit. Given Putin’s ego, my guess is that he thinks the attention is pretty cool :-).

We have become a nation of sore losers, both left and right.

Can we just give both the Birther and Putinator conspiracies a rest? You and I can both agree that we have bigger fish to fry.

Can’t we?


Photo courtesy of NY Daily News.

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