Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, should someone who equates murder with abortion (a legit point of view whether or not you agree with it) be coerced into subsidizing the biggest abortion provider in America?

How can this be OK in a free society?

Why not force atheists to fund churches, because they do a lot of good outside of believing in God?

In a free and voluntary society, no one is forced to fund an enterprise with which we have major ethical issues.

Should we make the Amish serve in the military too?

6 thoughts on “Should Pro-Life People be Forced to Subsidize Planned Parenthood?”

  1. Your graphic about Federal reimbursements to PP does not mention the Hyde Amendment- Federal funds can’t be used for abortion. It is misleading at best..if you can actually prove that PP is breaking the law I’m sure you could find a lawyer to lead the charge…

  2. When Joni Ernst was asked who or what would provide the services other than abortions that PP provides, she had no idea. And if I have to go culture w@#$ , many abortion opponents also are against medicare/medicaid. So much for “ProLife”.

    1. There are 10-12 places that provide such services (and not abortions) for every one PP. More locations. Same or better costs. Or free. PP body part selling (like from a stolen car) is a moral outrage no matter if you are left or right.

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