All right, here’s the thing…

Amongst other skills and positive experiences in my life, I am a solid professional researcher. Yes, that is a key part of what I “do for a living”. I have spent over 50 years analyzing evidence on a variety of key topics of life. I already have strong expertise in digging into information wherever it may be discovered, and drawing appropriate conclusions for the actions I will take, as a result. If you are actually acquainted with me, or you know my work, you already know this.

So, you see, indoctrination will not be be welcome or effective with me. Nothing you will say to me will sway my viewpoint one way or another, unless you can logically express your position and show you understand thoroughly the specific positions of people with whom you tend to disagree. You must be able to articulate their position honestly, in a way they will affirm that, yes, you have given an accurate description of their viewpoint. Then, and only then, will I join you in continuing our quest for truth together.

You will not be able to use tactics like toxic shaming, virtue signaling, mind reading or manipulation, as I am God’s son, worthy of love and respect, and God is using me to transform the world.

O, and did I mention 50 years?

Now, if we are are already acquainted and in an ongoing relationship, using “healthy” shame and calling me back to be my best, true self is certainly appropriate.

I can discover errors in my thinking with appropriate evidence, and I have done this several times in my adult life. But, I am going to hold you to lofty standards of integrity and reasonability in that process.

I do adhere to Jordan Peterson’s Rule # 9 in “12 Rules for Life”, “Assume the person you are listening to knows something you don’t”…

Just be clear, it needs to be something that will benefit me and you to be our best, true selves together. Anything else is taking time and energy away from my joining God to rescue and restore the world and live out his ways.

Thank you for taking the time to consider what I have written.

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