When the Lord Closes Your Red Sea Behind You

In this sermon Pastor Jackson looks at several passages of scripture; Exodus 14:13,16,21-22, 27-31 and Isaiah 43:19 in the light of how God wants to do a new thing in us and often has to close the door on the old things and ways so that we can’t go back to them in order to move us forward in His NEW THING He is doing in us.

When the Lord Closes Your Red Sea Behind You. from Wainwright Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Talking About the Lord is not Talking TO the Lord

In this sermon today Pastor Walter Jackson looks at Job’s story in Job 1:20-22, 2;:11-3, Job 38:1-2, and how Job talked about God before he spent the time to talk TO God about his situation.  What if in our complaining about our situation, God is getting us ready for a greater blessing but we must stop, listen and prepare our hearts for what God is planning for us.