So how, actually, does that work?

There is no way to tell who is a Muslim and who is not.

And terrorists are not above lying.

Once again, yet another law that will take away a right (mobility) from law abiding people and do nothing to prevent the very real problem.

But we have to do SOMETHING!

Do we?

Obama trying to ban gun sales to high risk people. Sounds like a good idea. Even he acknowledges that these measures would have done nothing to stop the recent shootings.

We have layers upon layers of bureaucratic snarl, all because (well meaning) people thought/said/acted with “We have to do something!”

There is no way to do background checks on the depression/isolation levels of 330 million Americans. There is no way to tell a Muslim from a Middle Eastern Christian at customs. Simple facts.

If we are going to enact any laws, let’s try some that actually work.

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