Seems like opposition to Common Core is growing.

Pass this on to every school board member, congressman/woman, senator and even every teacher you know…


5 thoughts on “Tide Turning Against Common Core? #0680”

  1. Here I am the loyal opposition to both my colleagues on the Left and my honorable opponents on the Right. Common Core is common sense. To the Left, it’s not realistic to not compare schools based on some metric. To the Right, if you advocate school choice do tell why you would not want parents to know if a school is meeting or not meeting the CC standards. To both of you, standardized tests to select people for jobs are here to stay. Get over it. It would a serious mistake to NOT expose children to testing.

      1. While a maverick, he had some of the best Iowa Test of Basic Skills test scores for graders in the country to demonstrate that innovation was working..couldn’t CC be used the same way?

          1. Thanks David. I’m pretty sure he could have talked the school board into uncommon core. John Sr. residing in assisted living in GF.

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