Life Hacks Time Change

The dreaded Spring Forward time change is upon us.

Around Halloween, they give us an extra hour of sleep. In the Spring, they snatch it back from us….  Whoever “they” are. 🙂
Often we drag around for a whole week after the Spring Forward time change, kind of like walking through pudding, with muddled minds, for days on end.
Here are some tips to AVOID taking days and days to get over the time change:
  1. Set all of your clocks and watches forward (except, of course, your phone, which is automatic) as early in the day on Saturday as you can. This gives your mind time to adjust to the idea. Do this, especially if you have no “set appointments for Saturday, which is often the case. The sooner you adjust your mind, the better.
  2. Avoid all television in the evening on Saturday. We all tell ourselves we should spend less time in front of the big screen TV, and tonight is a perfect night to try it out. Watching TV at night has been proven to shorten our average sleep time by at least an hour. Not good on “time change weekend.”
  3. Make a hard and fast appointment to do something specific on Sunday morning. Try one of these:
    1. Show up at the gym (it will be empty!) at a hard-and-fast time.
    2. Commit to attending church—being around people on time change Sunday will help get your biorhythms to re-set.
    3. The sun will rise at 7:08 AM in Southern California on Sunday, the day after the time change. A whole hour later! Commit to watching it happen with your own eyes.
  4. Get some extra rest on Sunday afternoon. Go to bed with a Sunday paper. Hit that novel you haven’t finished.
Doing one or more of these things will help you show up refreshed and ready to go on Monday! Clear of mind, and rested of body. Enjoy the springtime this year!
Some news from Robinwood Church:
  • March 25, Palm Sunday, we will be handing out special “habit changing gifts” (It’s a surprise!) during church. Don’t miss it.
  • April 1, Easter Sunday celebration. 1030am at Marina HS cafeteria. Celebrate the gift of life with us, and bring everyone with whom you “do life.”
  • We continue to enjoy our all-ages Wednesday night services at 2721 Delaware in HB. First and third Wednesday of every month. 6pm dinner. 7pm Bible for all ages.
  • Men’s group every Monday at 6am at Sunny’s restaurant on Edinger in the Hobby Lobby parking lot.  Contact: Pastor Hous at 714-907-3835
  • Women’s group every Wednesday at 10am at Hope Chapel on Palm and Lake in downtown HB. Contact: Wendy at 714-878-4454
  • We may be moving to an upgraded venue on Sunday mornings in a month or two. Stay tuned!
This Sunday (11 March 2018):
  • Jesica Specht leading worship
  • Pastor Hous teaching on Encouragement (Philippians 2)
  • 1030am at Marina HS

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