Not saying this from some leftist-pacifist standpoint.

I believe humans have a fundamental right of self-defense. But war as we know it simply doesn’t work anymore, even for those who promote and sell it. And force us pay for it.

What was one of the best selling books of 1939? Give up?

Pierre van Paasen and his monumental The Days of Our Years 1903-1938.

Super-courageous global citizen journalist, whose keen insight strikes an uncomfortable chord–even to our “advanced” contemporary ears. Dutch/Canadian who became an American citizen in 1947.

Some sound bites:


Of Western nations on the eve of World War One:

Christendom repudiated its name by adopting Mars. The Diety was split into a number of tribal Jehovahs. From a hundred thousand pulpits the voice of Antichrist roared hatred.


Pierre van PassedToward the end of World War One:

The prospect of glory and victory had long since receded from view. It now appeared certain that the war, from whatever angle one looked at it, was going to be a bad bargain for everyone concerned. Neither ideals, ambitions, nor national interests were going to be satisfied. Only blood and tears….


AtavismOn human “progress”:

The process of man’s dehumanization occurs in one land after the other. Christianity and the centuries of humanization reveal themselves as but the thinnest veneer imposed on paganism. They come off at the first rub, bringing to the surface the old, atavistic instincts from the human race’s somber infancy. What land is immune today?


Nuclear MissileOn hypocrisy:

All lament the growth of anti-God movements and while professing a religion of brotherly love engage in the blasphemy of keeping millions of brothers in subhuman living conditions while preparing to destroy their neighbors by poison gas, bombing planes and dreadnought battleships.


AleppoThe source of war:

Effect follows cause with inexorable accuracy. God’s mill, the divine law, operates with relentless precision. When the fundamental law of nature, which is coherence and respect and brotherhood, is trodden underfoot, no other result can be expected but confusion and hatred and war. The whirwind follows the storm…

ReformationThe outlook:

The struggle that is coming is a struggle for the human race. In that struggle, Christianity will triumph, for Christianity alone stands for each individual and the freedom of the human personality and social justice and the fraternization of the peoples and enlightenment of human existence.

But that triumphant Christianity will not be the Christianity we know. The old Christianity which identified itself with this world, will perish with that world. It has been weighed and found wanting. It will be a new Christianity that comes up from the depths of the catacombs of suffering and sorrow. Its apostles will be the martyrs and saints of a renewed religion that will solve the elementary problems of human existence, the conquest of economic slavery and poverty and peace…


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