I just took the rather extensive POLITISCALES survey online, in order to get a better feel for what I really think and believe. Found this to be a lot more nuanced than most click-bait surveys which tell you “which US President you are” or whatever.

You should take the quiz: LINK

Post your results in the comments section below.

They say that my three main themes are WORK–LIBERTY–JUSTICE.

My evaluation of the survey results:

  • Constructivism/Essentialism
    • These are philosophical terms which have to do with gender, race, and class. Kind of a nature vs. nurture thing. Are gender, race, and class distinctions part of natural, biological human behavior (Essentialism/Nature), and sociology should be more descriptive than prescriptive? Or are they conditioned by our environment and choices (Constructivism/Nurture)?
    • Example. Are traditional male/female behaviors an expression of our genes or are they imposed on us by an arbitrary culture.
    • I couldn’t be more middle of the road on this. In my mind, it is not possible to solve the nature/nurture debate. It’s always both/and.
  • Justice.
    • Obviously, I prefer restorative justice to punitive justice. Mostly because as a libertarian and as a Christian, I have faith in people and their ability to transform their lives.
    • One caveat to this is the very wise statement of my friend Judge Jim Gray: The big problem with our penal system is we haven’t figured out how to distinguish between:
      • People we are mad at (who should pay fines), and…
      • People we are afraid of (who have to be locked up to keep people safe).
    • Overwhelmingly, our jails are filled with people we are mad at–what a waste of resources and people’s lives.
  • Progressive/Conservative
    • This surprised me. Thought I was more conservative than I am. My views on immigration, the drug war, and my incurable libertarian tendencies seem to have tipped a scale.
    • Perhaps it was my openness to future technology in some of the questions…
  • Internationalism/Nationalism
    • I’m married to someone from another country, have lived abroad, and speak several languages well. Although I have very warm and emotional feelings about my home nation (which you could call patriotism), I can’t believe that God favors one group of people over another.
  • Communism/Capitalism
    • Communism is all about coercion–pure and simple. A system based on organized theft and state-sponsored coercive force used to redistribute resources. This requires central economic planning, massive bureaucracy, and shuts down the best information system in the world: floating, free pricing. Pricing is an information system which maximizes the delivery of goods and services in the most efficient manner, creating the most prosperity for the maximum number of people. If people have needs or resources are available, pricing ‘hears’ that and responds. Hinder pricing with artificial controls and information stops flowing, productivity falters, and people start getting crabby about all the coercion, which becomes total, because economics affects every aspect of life.
  • Regulation/Free Markets.
    • Well we have to have some regulation. I hear that all the time, but it’s not true, statistically or economically. The ruthlessness of the market and pricing regulate better than any bureaucracy could hope to manage. I know that some of you simply don’t believe this. Well, watch Milton Friedman’s landmark remarks on this, and let me know if you still disagree:  LINK
  • Ecology/Productivism
    • Another surprise here in my scores. I’ve always considered myself a clean water/clean air kind of guy. But the truth is, I don’t believe that humans are a scourge on the planet and that creation would be better off if we were vaporized. I love people–and strongly believe that we make the world a better place. We are fantastic gardeners and artists.
  • Revolution/Reformism
    • A reformist with an edge. There is a time, IMHO, to remove tyrants by force. It’s fascinating that “patriotic” Americans say you have to disagree by voting and can’t push back against government harder, and yet our nation was formed by the Founders who did exactly that. As Martin Luther King said, it is our duty to disobey unjust laws. In general, I believe in peaceful protest, but those who govern should never rest too comfortably…

What are your scores?

Post them in the comments below…

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